Congratulations! You just killed music.


Music is officially dead, you can thank these guys for spoiling the fun for everybody. Now please go and find some other kind of noise to listen to.

On a positive note, it’s nice to see Mungo Jerry pop up at the end (yes, I made it that far) and earn some pocket money so he can buy some sandwiches for his tea. Good on you Mungo.


4 thoughts on “Congratulations! You just killed music.

  1. Goddamn Munkey Cop!!!

    RIP Music. You could have been someone…

    ‘It’s a shame Fred West is dead. I always thought he’d make a cracking Mungo Jerry on Stars in Their Eyes.’ © Viz circa 1995.

    • It’s like my Dad always says “when Music finally dies, it will be fine, as long as Mungo Jerry gets pocket money to buy sandwiches for his tea”.
      He’s like a prophet my Dad is.

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