“Thinking about your iPhone. Don’t matter if it’s black or white”…


… is a line that Michael Jackson definitely didn’t sing in his 90’s ‘Macaulay Culkin rapping’ pop hit ‘Black or White’.
It is also not a sentiment that holds true when talking about the almost mythical White iPhone. People want them, people want to be them and as yet no-one is able to live the dream. Sadly, Steve ‘Jobbers’ Jobs took a break from his day job of showing how all other makes of mobile phone have shit signal, to announce that the new White iPhone wasn’t happening anytime soon. Apple fans were less than joyful to have the only definite timescale described as ‘later in 2010‘. This is very much like when my wife asks me to do the washing up to which I reply ‘yeah, in a bit’ the truth being God alone knows when it’ll actually happen.
Well today, I am God because I can tell you when you can have a white iPhone, that time is……..

about now.

Yup, using the latest in state of the art ‘MS Paint’ technology, our* team of artists have spent literally minutes creating these new white iPhone covers which can be yours today, for free.

Simply :

a) Print out the covers above
2) Cut them out with scissors (scissors are by their very nature sharp, please be careful)
$) Using sticky tape or some kind of glue, attach them to your current iPhone.

Bingo bango! White iPhone supremacy is yours. Please be warned, sexual offers from members of the opposite sex will multiply by almost 0.2% so be careful out there.

As for the signal problems, well, I can’t help you there although this man can.

*I used the term ‘our’ even though it’s just me who writes this shit.


2 thoughts on ““Thinking about your iPhone. Don’t matter if it’s black or white”…

    • Goddamn Munkey Cop!!!

      A brilliant addition to my otherwise bland iPhone – and those sexual offers are clearly on the up. Why, only this morning a rather fine young lady told me to ‘get that f***ing thing out of my face’ whilst another approached me to ask why I had paper stuck to my ear after trying (and failing) to phone someone.

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