Yogi Bear : Coming in a Theatre Near You


At this very moment someone at Warner Brothers is either getting the bollocking of their life or is being heralded as a genius of their time and it’s all thanks to Yogi Bear. Earlier this week, a trailer for the new Yogi Bear movie was released onto the internet via Yahoo and the response has ranged from ‘meh’ to ‘Christ! My eyes! Make it stop, PLEASE make it stop!’.
There’s all kinds of things that seem wrong with this film, but rather than have me point it out why not have a look for yourself….

My favourite bit is the intro by Dan Aykroyd, you can almost see him dying inside. Poor fella, all he really wants to do is make Ghostbusters 3. So that’s it, one bad trailer, the film is looking like a write off and everyone moves on. Well, not quite.

A few days later this poster was released and…
again, have a look for yourself.

See what they did there? They did a bumming joke, with cartoon bears. Whether intentional or not this little boo-boo (look at me! I am a frickin’ genius) has generated countless tweets, facebook updates and blog entries (like this one, I am a part of the machine, there is no escape). Word of mouth like this is priceless, in one fell swoop people all over the internet are suddenly tuned in to the fact that a Yogi Bear movie is coming (geddit? coming.. ha Ha HA!), when it comes to movie marketing making your product a talking point is half the battle. The potential downside however is that audiences will complain about the lack of bear bumming when the movie is released.

Given Hollywood’s hopeless copycat nature I’m sure we’ll see more movie posters for family films that cheekily referencing bum sex, boobies or good ol’ fashioned necrophilia.

In summary, it would seem that bears do more than just shit in the woods. Which reminds me….


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