More Beatles facts you never knew were not true.


The Fab Four, on their Beatles-mobile, on their way to the shops... to buy some crisps.

You poor poor people. Whilst searching for an old tweet for another blog post (which may well never happen as it’s a bit lengthy), I unearthed some more #Beatlesfacts which I had previously splurged on Twitter previous to what I posted here. No-one loves filler material but hey, it’s my blog so I figured ‘sod it’, I’ll post them up anyway.

  • The song Daytripper is inspired by a day trip the band took to Chessington World of Adventures.
  • The Beatles originally had a cartoon squirell sidekick called Mr Fuzzles. He was later dropped due to being a massive racist.
  • Before becoming a band The Beatles were a detective agency, an accountancy firm and a chain of supermarkets.
  • In the Macca/Jacko collaboration, The Girl is Mine, the girl in question is actually the rights to The Beatles songs.
  • Other rejected band names include : The Donkey Punchers, The Flumps, Shitbreak, MC Sar & The Real McCoy.
  • Ringo Starr misses doing the voices on Thomas the Tank Engine. “I miss it”, he said yesterday.
  • As well as inventing Beatlemania, The Beatles also invented : Velcro, The Metric System, spots on giraffes and Oasis.
  • Ringo Starr dreams of electric sheep.
  • John Lennon regularly ‘ghost wrote’ songs on his days off. His works included I Will Survive, Ride on Time and 99 Problems.
  • The Beatles favourite colours are White, Red, Purple and Fiat Punto
  • Paul McCartney’s favourite cereal is Banana Bubbles – The Cereal That Thinks It’s A Milkshake. “They’re my favourite” he said.
  • Rejected names for The Beatles include : System 4, Fingerbang, The Stabbers, Technotronic feat. Ya Kid K

Well there you go, I think that’s all of them. Bad news, I also found some Bonofacts, I’m sure I’ll trudge those out when things round here get a bit quiet (a week from now).

Bye now! Big kiss. X


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