My Week On The Internet – 15/08/10


I figured I’d round up some cool stuff that had caught my eye on the internet this week, I might do this every week… or every other week… or monthly… probably never again actually. Blogging is FUN!

The always reliable Huffington Post has posted a smattering of letters from those who have recently suffered a theft. There’s some not-so-subtle stress release going on here, you can almost smell the catharsis.

The Telegraph has posted an amazing gallery of the interiors of pimped airplanes that belong to the obscenely rich. Think Buck Rogers, think Battle Beyond the Stars, think the conference room from Star Trek : TNG. I honestly don’t know whether these are disgustingly terrible or so far beyond terrible that they are actually amazing. Go have a look, it’s well worth it.

A lovely nugget from, if only more supermarkets were like this.

The BBC balls up almost an entire series of a gameshow, ironically titled ‘Perfection’.

Another one from The Huffington Post, The Most Ridiculous Bootleg DVD Covers Of All Time. This cover from ‘good hearted tween comedy’ Battlestar Galactica being a good example.

A couple of movie based posts. Firstly, a great interview with movie director Edgar Wright (Shaun of The Dead, Spaced, Scott Pilgrim vs The World) via one of my daily web visits Secondly, a look at the fact filled credits from Will Ferrell and Mark Wahlberg’s latest comedy The Other Guys.

And lastly, one of the best high fives in modern history thanks to the Jackass guys (it appears at 1.20 into the video)

That’s it for now, same again next week (maybe).


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