“I think I just caught Bieber fever… provided he is 800% slower”


Hitler, yesterday.

Justin Bieber is like Hitler. He’s trying to take over the world, he has a huge brainwashed army who will do his evil bidding and he sings shit pop songs. Ok, so he’s not totally like Hitler but he’s a close run. Like any sane human I avoid all Bieber stuff like the plague (because it really is a plague) however today on Twitter Calvin Harris tweeted this…

I clicked on the link, not entirely sure of what I was going to hear and oh…… oh my god. Have a listen below.

J. BIEBZ – U SMILE 800% SLOWER by Shamantis

My favourite comments on Souncloud so far include…

  • Acid Jacks : “I think my face just fell inside of itself”
  • loathe : “Excellent stuff! First time ever listened to a whole Bieber song, and at 35 mins, that’s no mean feat!”
  • The Kleptones : “My God…. it’s full of stars…”
  • nokster : “i think i just caught bieber fever… provided he is 800% slower”
  • absurdubstep : “This is incredible! the worst music in the world is actually some of the greatest i have ever heard!”

It’s like the stars are shining inside my eyes. Seriously, I fucking love this. I actually left it on for the whole 35 minutes.

This has already gone viral, Soundcloud reached it’s 100 download limit in no time but you can grab a copy here (sadly only as a 128kbps mp3)…
http://www.mediafire. com/?aenvebe86u0d7ha

Right, I’m off to make shit pop songs and slow them down by 800%, see you on teh internets.


UPDATE : It turns out that the software that did this is FREE so you can do this yourself should you wish. It’s called Paulstretch, it’s brilliant and you can get it from here. I had some fun strectching David Bowie’s ‘Star Man’ (very blissful) and The Prodigy’s ‘Smack My Bitch Up (like a waking nightmare).


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