When Movie Plots Become Real Life


Part 1 : ‘Dave’

Have you seen the film Dave? Oh it’s great, it’s got Kevin Kline, it’s got Charles Grodin and it’s got a bit where someone (Dave) falls off the back of a chair. If you haven’t seen it, it’s a knockabout comedy where the President of the USA is taken ill and a lookalike is bought in to ‘fill in’ for a bit. It’s a good job there is so much comedy in that movie because when you strip away the frivolity and people falling off the back of chairs the underlying concept is truly terrifying.
What if your country was left in the controlling hands of a joe schmoe? If you’re reading this in the U.K. I hope you’re sitting down because we are staring down the barrell of that very predicament.
Right now David Cameron has gone on holiday leaving Nick Clegg in charge. But what if something was to happen to Dave and Nick? Who would run the country? Well, there is a contingency plan in place and it is best described through the medium of pictures.

Nicky Campbell

Nick Clegg

Do you see? Radio Dee-Jay Nicky Campbell and Nick Clegg? See the difference? No? Scary stuff indeed. They even have the same name so if the switch happens Nicky (or Nick as he will then be known) can carry on regardless.

On the upside we’ll have a prime minister who’s pretty nifty with consumer law (watch out dodgy plumbers) and I’m sure Nicky, sorry ‘Nick’ could save the economy by designating monetary amounts to places decided by some kind of spinning wheel. A Wheel of Fortune if you will.

At the very least I look forward to see Nicky, sorry ‘Nick’, ballsing his way through a live episode of Question Time.

Join us for part 2 in which we look at a real life Academy for Police officers that have taken on a new bunch of wacky recruits, I’m sure hilarity will ensue.


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