Celebrity Masterchef v Food Pornography


Last week, people up and down the length of the U.K. were enthralled by the daily happenings on Celebrity Masterchef. I watched it in a passive manner (it’s was on and I happened to be in the room) but I’d rate watching celebrity non-chefs as solid enough entertainment.

However like all things in the universe, where there is ying there is also yang and in this case the yang is ‘Man v Food’.
Whilst CMC is a polite and civilised look at the art of making food and people doing their best to better themselves ‘Man v Food’ is the equivalent of a chubby American man just shoveling food into his greedy greedy face. In fact, that’s exactly what Man Vs. Food is. In every show the genuinely affable Adam Richman (who can actually talk to camera unlike Greg and that other blokey bloke, is it Steve?) travels to a city in America to sample it’s local ‘legendary’ food joints. On paper it doesn’t sound like much and the annoying American production style doesn’t help either but then you see the food…. oh man… the food….

It’s literally food pornography, I can’t help but watch this show with a Homer Simpson style drool. It’s all so so wrong but so right at the same time. It’s makes me wish there were places like this in the U.K. (maybe there are, I’m just not looking hard enough).

Every week Adam takes on some kind of food challenge where as viewers we wonder at what point his heart will give out or his stomach explode. For damaging his internal organs to buggery he’ll usually get a t-shirt or a spot on the restaurant’s ‘winner’s wall’ so at least it’s for a cause.

It’s really is entertainment at it’s most base, a tv show in which a man…. eats food. I’m not proud of watching it but I am totally enjoying the shit out of it. Which reminds me….

In his column Charlie Brooker wrote

…what I’d really like to see is what happens the next morning, when the show presumably turns into Man V Poo, as Richman empties the dauntingly substantial, hopelessly compacted contents of his engorged colon, clenching the bathroom doorhandle between his teeth as he attempts to give birth to a leg-sized hunk of fecal sod without killing himself.

Damn that Brooker, he puts things in such a better way than what I does go do.

Man V Food is broadcast on the Good Food channel, yeah I’d never heard of it either but it’s there, trust me. You can find showing times for it here.


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