My Week On The Internet – 23/08/10


Well a howdy-hey to you, thanks for swinging your eyes this way. Here’s what I have been enjoying on teh internets over the last seven days.

First up, something that’s been doing the rounds this week, the worst hidden middle finger in the history of telly.

With Big Brother drawing to it’s final close (thank god), The Guardian goes through some of Charlie Brooker’s old write-ups of the last 10 years of Big Brother. Must be a bit awkward in his flat right now seeing as his current squeeze (Konnie Huq) is hosting the Xtra Factor.

I saw ‘Inception’ about a month ago, I hugely enjoyed the film as well as it’s brilliant soundtrack which I keep going back to. You can stream the soundtrack from here and if you like that you can also download two extra tracks for free. Full details are here.

Speaking of Inception, if you’ve watched the trailer over and over (like I have) this is also a good watch….

The Daily Mail gets busted for doing a ‘copy & paste’ job on a BBC news story, the problem being that the BBC originally reported it 15 months ago. Funny how the Mail is so keen to take the BBC to task for it’s ‘lack of integrity’ yet they are happy to help themselves to the work of those at the Beeb and report it as news (which it wasn’t anymore).

Ace blog site Army Of Dave brings the blue sky thinking of Homer Simpson into the real world via The Skittlebrau Project. posted this great picture this week…

While we’re on the Facebook theme, here’s something for anyone who recalls the old Starfox games on the Nintendo SNES or N64, (I found this at

Finally, Buzz Aldrin going all ‘Red Ross’ on some pestering idiot hole.

So yeah, another week down, and we’re all another week closer to death. Good times eh?

See you next time.

(By the way, the links below are nothing to do with me. They are generated by WordPress. Nice to see they link my site with BattleNet. As if I’m some saddo nerd who spends his time dicking about doing nerdy stuff on the internet…. Ah shit!)


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