The Lionel Richie Paradox


Last night I saw something on the telly that made my brain hurt. It involved Lionel Richie, and crisps.

Watching this, my brain is saying two different things.

Oh wow! Walkers must have stumped up a shit-ton of cash to pay for Lionel Richie


Oh dear. Lionel Richie must be hard up for work if he’s having to sell crisps on the telly.

It would seem that Walkers have created the Schroedringer’s Cat of adverts.  When I watch this advert Lionel Richie’s career is simultaneously alive and dead. My brain is unable to process the paradox inherent within the advert.

Other things to note, Lionel Richie is becoming his own Spitting Image puppet and Gary’s ears are getting bigger. Still, thumbs up to Richie he plays along very gamely and further cements the fact that I’d buy him a pint down the pub.


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