My Week On The Internet – 06/09/10


So here we are, the fourth week in a row I’ve managed to keep this ‘weekly internet round-up’ thing going, yay me, unlucky you. Ha! There’s been some good stuff this week, firstly something you may like if, like me, you think that Axl Rose is a bit of a dick. It seems that Monsieur Rose isn’t savvy to the fact that being super tardy to your own gigs can make your fans a bit grumpy with you.

What a twat. (Video found via

Which leads, breakfast TV segway style, onto the next topic, Kanye West. People think Kanye is a dick, I love the guy. He’s done some dumbass stuff and he seems to have developed something of a God ego but he’s made some great albums (The College Dropout is hands down one of my favourite albums of the last 10 years) and I still love Gold Digger despite having heard it a gajillion times already. Following last week’s post about 50 Cent on Twitter, Kanye has up the anted somewhat but in a very different way. Last Saturday Mr. West started Twittering what could only be called a ‘stream of consciousness’ lasting roughly 70 tweets.

It started with :

“Man I love Twitter… I’ve always been at the mercy of the press but no more… The media tried to demonize me”

“They wanted yall to believe I was a monster in real life so you guys wouldn’t listen or buy my music anymore”

and went onto

“I accept the idea (ideal) that perception is reality” , “When I say perception is reality I mean whatever you think is the truth… is your truth”

“How deep is the scar… I bled hard.. cancelled tour with the number one pop star in the world … closed the doors of my clothing office”

“Had to let employees go… for the first time I felt the impact of my brash actions … I felt the recession from an ownership side”

“Yes I was that guy. A 32 year old child.”

“These tweets have no manager, no publicist , no grammar checking… this is raw”

In the end the Tweets climaxed with a simple ‘sorry’ to Taylor Swift. It was pretty mad to watch the tweets appear in real time, direct from Kanye (which I believe is the case here, I don’t think there’s a PR agency at the other end of this). It’s certainly a change from photoshopping your face onto Hitler, I still can’t believe 50 cent did that. This article over at looks at how Kanye’s tweets encapsulate the way that Twitter has changed the way we communicate. On a more positive note Kanye has also started posting a new track online every Friday until Christmas in what he calls ‘Good Fridays’ the latest track being ‘Devil in a New Dress’. Previously he posted this amazing remix of his next single ‘Power’ in which Kanye starts rapping in Islam before dropping into a sample of The Power by Snap.

Right now, one of the biggest news stories is something you won’t read about in The Sun or The News of the World. New revelations have come to light regarding the News of the World phone hacking scandal, what makes this intriguing is that the editor at the time, Andy Coulson, is now communications director for David Cameron. So the former editor of a News Corporation paper (which is known to be very ‘Pro-Conservative’) finds itself in the midst of a news story in which the head figure is now a key player in the Conservative party itself. No wonder all you hear about in the news lately is William Hague’s hi-jinks, Rooney’s love of prostitutes (again) or the Pakistan cricket team. Of course, I can only write about this in laman’s terms, you need someone with more skill and wit to break this story to you. Enter Charlie Brooker.

On the subject of the press, The Daily Mail pulled another doozy. I don’t mean to keep bashing The Daily Mail, but they make it so easy.

I intended to mention this last week but I forgot. It was referenced in the always funny ‘Peacock & Gamble’ podcasts. It’s Garfield, minus Garfield. Instead of being the chucklesome adventures of a lasagne obsessed cat Jim Davis’ work takes on a new slant which focuses on the lonely existence of one Jon Arbuckle. It’s wonderfully genius.

Garfield minus Garfield - Sublime at it's most sublimiest

Time to go then, but watch this first. It’s another gem from Cassette Boy.


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