My Week On The Internet – 13/09/10


Look at this…..

Right now you’re either thinking “Meh, it’s a picture of a spider” or you’re having a little chuckle to yourself because you remember where you first saw this delightful little gif. If you fall into the first category then you need to go here. Go on, it’ll only take a minute….. the rest of us can wait.

The reason why I posted this is because there has been a new addition to this very funny site and it is a cracker : “I have read your website and it is obviously that your a foggot.”

While you’re there also have a look at ‘Simon’s Pie Charts’, pie charts have never been funnier.

Enough silliness, let’s take things up a notch to a classier level.

Oh, oh dear. This is taken from the great website, a celebration of the braindead scribblings found on the walls, doors and and posters of our great land. My personal favourite was this one.

Destructive yet informed, Toy Story 2 was alright. Better than alright in fact. I’m hoping by now that there’s a suitably passionate review about Toy Story 3.

A few weeks ago I posted about The Unrehearsed Voice Over Artist, he’s now moved into the glamourous world of movie trailers. Behold!

That’s it for this week, it’s a bit slim I know but I had stuff do last week, no really. Till next time….


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