A Musical Three Course Meal : Part 1 – Appetizers & H’orderves


I’ve come across a few internet based musical nuggets in the last week or so and I figured I’d share them in the style of a three course menu. It’s like ‘Come Dine With Me’, but with music and without Dave Lamb’s chucklesome narration. So, first course then….

Appetizers & H’orderves – Trent Reznor’s ‘The Social Network’ Score Sampler

Lately I’ve found myself listening to movie scores on a more frequent basis (more frequent being from ‘never’ to ‘a bit’). It started with the soundtrack to ‘Moon’, a great film with a wonderful atmospheric soundtrack by Clint Mansell, if you’ve got Spotify you can listen to it here. More recently the soundtrack to Inception has been drifting around my brainbox as well as the soundtrack to Danny Boyle’s movie ‘Sunshine’. From the looks of things the soundtrack to David Fincher’s new film ‘The Social Network’ will be a future regular listen.

‘The Social Network’ tells the story of the creation of Facebook and the nuclear fallout that ensued between it’s creators. Buzz around the film has exploded in the last week with a flurry of positive reviews, my interest has been fully caught by this review which bold-as-brass states “The Social Network is Fincher’s best film since Fight Club”. Yikes! A must see then, have a look at the trailer.

Trent Reznor (of Nine Inch Nails) is the man behind the score and last week he released a free 5 track sampler. It’s a great piece of muzak, kind of electronic, kind of rock-ish, it all works. You can grab it here, all you need is an email address and I’m pretty sure you’ve got one of those. Hooray for free stuff!

So get stuck into that, the main course is coming up next.


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