Music Makes My Brain Go Broke


Music can be a powerful thing. It can move us, it can make us think, it can make us feel elated or make us cry. It’s beautiful stuff.

But sometimes, it’s like stripping off and throwing yourself onto a barbed wired sofa.

Ladies & Gentlemen, Rebecca Black.

A song so awful you have to hear it more than once. There’s so much going on here that pushes the ‘so bad it’s almost good’ button. There’s the lack of basic rhyming, the way she sings “Fry-day”, the phrase “we we we so excited”, lyrics that basically run through the days of the week, 12 year olds driving a car and don’t forget the obligatory rap in the middle (by what looks like a bloke that ate Usher).

It’s become a Youtube sensation, probably not in the way Rebecca hoped but still, if she plays her cards right, she’s sure to do well out of it.

However, here’s where things get a bit screwy in the logic centre of my brain-box. This has also popped up on Youtube, it’s the same song, the same non-existent rhymes…

… and I think I genuinely love it. This scares me. Either I have a yet untapped appreciation for Bob Dylan (or maybe just fake ones) or ‘Friday’ truly is a powerful beautiful song.

Either way, it definitely makes me want to cry.


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