So what is a Munkeycop? Well, it’s a long story. Suffice to say, it’s the best film that I’ve never made that stars a monkey who’s a cop. But that’s a story best left for another day.

If you want to find my other online shenanigans you can find them in these places :

Twitter – Twitter is by far my most active dumping ground for jokey nonsense. If you like what you see here on the blog then my twitter stream might also contain something you’ll like. Speaking of which…

Spoiler Idiot – This is one of my ‘other’ twitter accounts. In this one I showcase an incredible array of (made up) spoilers on the latest and greatest in movies and TV.

Munkeycop’s Musical Nutsack – Something of a sideline project. Munkeycop’s Musical Nutsack’ is a Tumblr blog that shares carefully selected musical nuggets for your ear-based consumption. Whether it’s hip-hop, funk, indie, synth-pop, house, electronic, acoustic; if it’s good, it’s going in teh Nutsack. You can follow this blog  on Tumblr plus it’s  also on Twitter. There are also all kinds of awesome playlists on Soundcloud for you to delve into.

I’m also involved in freelance writing, creating content for various mags and bookazines, mostly tech stuff like Windows and iOS devices.

*cough* Attempts sale pitch *cough*

If you’re involved in publishing and are looking for someone to tackle an article for you then feel free to drop me a line. Do people still say ‘drop me a line’ anymore? Either way, Twitter is your best bet for getting hold of me or you can find an email link here that beams messages straight into my brain.

Here are just a few of the numerous publications that I have written for.


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