New Terminator Genesis set photo


I think I’ll pass on seeing this. It looks bollocks. 


Shopping At Ikea


I am a sucker for shopping at Ikea. If I had the cash not to mention the floor space I would buy buy almost everything there. Unfortunately I have neither cash or floor space. This saddens me.

There is good news though. I can always cheer myself up at Ikea by saying the names of Ikea products in funny voices. Hardly high brow fun but then again I am not revered for my intellectual  wit.

Richard Herring : Not A Cunt

Not that I ever thought he was, in fact he’s blimmin’ lovely.

Any resemblance to any real (or likely not real) persons is probably intentional.

Yesterday on Twitter, Richard Herring did an incredibly kind thing (like what Jesus would do) that gave myself and Mrs Munkeycop a chance to go and see his stand-up show ‘Christ on a Bike : The Second Coming’ at The Tivoli Theatre in Wimbourne. If you’re reading this Rich. Thanks, you are teh aces. I can call you Rich right? I guess so seeing as we’re now the bestiest best friends EVAR! Even more so than Ant & Dec.

Despite it being close to where I have lived for the last few years, yesterday was was my first ever visit to the Tivoli Theatre. It’s a very cosy venue indeed. From it’s almost shop-like looking front to the perfectly sized main auditorium, it’s a lovely intimate venue making it perfect for enjoying a stand up comedy show.

And what a great show it was, at times enjoyably relentless with the subject matter as Richard tears into the 10 commandments via the power of a slide show. Without wishing to spoil anything there were also moments of genuine agreement with some of the ideals of Christianity which served to embarrass those twarts who have fired off knee jerk reactions without actually seeing the show. There’s all kinds of great stuff to enjoy here whether it’s the afformentioned slide shows, the head messing meta-references, Richard’s feats of memory recollection or the excellent imaginary conversations. I don’t think I’ll ever hear such a funny story about the trunk of a car again. If ‘Christ on a Bike’ is playing in your area it’s a recommended night out.

So for such a great night the very least I could do for Mr Herring is to pimp his wares here. Buy some of his stuff why don’t you or if you prefer, donate to Rich’s charity of choice, Scope.

Richard Herring’s DVD’s and stuff by other funny people can be bought from here.

Buy Collings and Herrin T-shirts here and AIOTM T-shirts here.

For details of the Christ on a Bike tour click here and you can book tickets here for The Lyric Comedy Nights

Donations for Scope can be made via Richard’s Just Giving page here.

The Monkeys You Ordered


Here’s something I found via Boing Boing (they have a knack of digging up the good stuff). Much like the excellent ‘Garfield Minus Garfield’ cartoon strips I mentioned in a previous post, ‘The Monkeys You Ordered‘ is a blog that takes an existing cartoon strip and makes one simple but highly effective adjustment.

Here the trick is taking cartoons from the New Yorker and changing the caption to something that literally reflects the scene.

Sorry this piano doesn’t sound very good — it’s filled with water and dead fish.

It works brilliantly and in an odd way reminds me of the excellent ‘Far Side’ cartoons by Gary Larson. Extra points too for a monkey themed blog title.



I don’t think I’ll ever hear the name Jeff Bridges again without having the urge to say it like this guy.

Bloody hell, this new Tron film had better not be total shit. The thing is, by some people Tron is viewed through the rosiest of rose tinted spectacles. I’ve recently heard it described as a ‘classic’ or ‘legendary’ and not wishing to be controversial, but it isn’t. Have you seen it lately? It hasn’t aged well. Of course the effects were amazing at the time but they are very much a time capsule from the 80’s, the twee synthy soundtrack doesn’t help matters either.  Sure there’s some cool stuff in there and thank God Jeff Bridges is there to hold it all together but there’s some pretty hokey dialogue and scenes which verge on the bizarre. Don’t just take my word for it, here’s an extract from an article from blueskydisney.

Word has it that earlier this summer the original Tron was screened at one of the (Disney) theme parks and was laughed at by people who had not seen the original film and mocked it for its now-outdated effects and silly attire of leotards and hockey helmets parodied by the infamous “Tron Guy.” Rumor has it that some Disney execs witnessed their reactions and it made them very, very nervous.

Are these rose tinted spectacles going to ruin the film for some people? Probably yes. For me, I’m more in the ‘please don’t be shit’ camp.

Going from this short clip there’s definately potential. The flow of dialogue isn’t too stilted, Olivia Wilde is looking hawt (although she badly needs to work on her pretend driving, my kids can do better than that), and the music is sounding good. At least it won’t be as bad as the anal raping that was ‘Kingdom of the Crystal Skull’, I hope.

Please don’t be shit, please don’t be shit, please don’t be shit.