“Stupid Americans”


This popped up on my Facebook feed the other day. I felt compelled to share it in as many places as I could.

Yeah just count the dam bodies!

The original poster? Yeah, he ‘gets’ The Onion. The person replying? Not so much.

As fellow Twitterite @ArmyofDave pointed out it’s the “Stupid Americans” comment that really seals it. I’ve since shared it here on literallyunbelievable.org to help further the debate on just who is the most stupider-est. If you haven’t yet seen the excellent original video then point your eyes below so you can see just how non-stupid Americans can be.



My Week On The Internet – 13/09/10


Look at this…..

Right now you’re either thinking “Meh, it’s a picture of a spider” or you’re having a little chuckle to yourself because you remember where you first saw this delightful little gif. If you fall into the first category then you need to go here. Go on, it’ll only take a minute….. the rest of us can wait.

The reason why I posted this is because there has been a new addition to this very funny site and it is a cracker : “I have read your website and it is obviously that your a foggot.”

While you’re there also have a look at ‘Simon’s Pie Charts’, pie charts have never been funnier.

Enough silliness, let’s take things up a notch to a classier level.

Oh, oh dear. This is taken from the great website crapgraffiti.com, a celebration of the braindead scribblings found on the walls, doors and and posters of our great land. My personal favourite was this one.

Destructive yet informed, Toy Story 2 was alright. Better than alright in fact. I’m hoping by now that there’s a suitably passionate review about Toy Story 3.

A few weeks ago I posted about The Unrehearsed Voice Over Artist, he’s now moved into the glamourous world of movie trailers. Behold!

That’s it for this week, it’s a bit slim I know but I had stuff do last week, no really. Till next time….

My Week On The Internet – 06/09/10


So here we are, the fourth week in a row I’ve managed to keep this ‘weekly internet round-up’ thing going, yay me, unlucky you. Ha! There’s been some good stuff this week, firstly something you may like if, like me, you think that Axl Rose is a bit of a dick. It seems that Monsieur Rose isn’t savvy to the fact that being super tardy to your own gigs can make your fans a bit grumpy with you.

What a twat. (Video found via TheSoundloft.com)

Which leads, breakfast TV segway style, onto the next topic, Kanye West. People think Kanye is a dick, I love the guy. He’s done some dumbass stuff and he seems to have developed something of a God ego but he’s made some great albums (The College Dropout is hands down one of my favourite albums of the last 10 years) and I still love Gold Digger despite having heard it a gajillion times already. Following last week’s post about 50 Cent on Twitter, Kanye has up the anted somewhat but in a very different way. Last Saturday Mr. West started Twittering what could only be called a ‘stream of consciousness’ lasting roughly 70 tweets.

It started with :

“Man I love Twitter… I’ve always been at the mercy of the press but no more… The media tried to demonize me”

“They wanted yall to believe I was a monster in real life so you guys wouldn’t listen or buy my music anymore”

and went onto

“I accept the idea (ideal) that perception is reality” , “When I say perception is reality I mean whatever you think is the truth… is your truth”

“How deep is the scar… I bled hard.. cancelled tour with the number one pop star in the world … closed the doors of my clothing office”

“Had to let employees go… for the first time I felt the impact of my brash actions … I felt the recession from an ownership side”

“Yes I was that guy. A 32 year old child.”

“These tweets have no manager, no publicist , no grammar checking… this is raw”

In the end the Tweets climaxed with a simple ‘sorry’ to Taylor Swift. It was pretty mad to watch the tweets appear in real time, direct from Kanye (which I believe is the case here, I don’t think there’s a PR agency at the other end of this). It’s certainly a change from photoshopping your face onto Hitler, I still can’t believe 50 cent did that. This article over at Mashable.com looks at how Kanye’s tweets encapsulate the way that Twitter has changed the way we communicate. On a more positive note Kanye has also started posting a new track online every Friday until Christmas in what he calls ‘Good Fridays’ the latest track being ‘Devil in a New Dress’. Previously he posted this amazing remix of his next single ‘Power’ in which Kanye starts rapping in Islam before dropping into a sample of The Power by Snap.

Right now, one of the biggest news stories is something you won’t read about in The Sun or The News of the World. New revelations have come to light regarding the News of the World phone hacking scandal, what makes this intriguing is that the editor at the time, Andy Coulson, is now communications director for David Cameron. So the former editor of a News Corporation paper (which is known to be very ‘Pro-Conservative’) finds itself in the midst of a news story in which the head figure is now a key player in the Conservative party itself. No wonder all you hear about in the news lately is William Hague’s hi-jinks, Rooney’s love of prostitutes (again) or the Pakistan cricket team. Of course, I can only write about this in laman’s terms, you need someone with more skill and wit to break this story to you. Enter Charlie Brooker.

On the subject of the press, The Daily Mail pulled another doozy. I don’t mean to keep bashing The Daily Mail, but they make it so easy.

I intended to mention this last week but I forgot. It was referenced in the always funny ‘Peacock & Gamble’ podcasts. It’s Garfield, minus Garfield. Instead of being the chucklesome adventures of a lasagne obsessed cat Jim Davis’ work takes on a new slant which focuses on the lonely existence of one Jon Arbuckle. It’s wonderfully genius.

Garfield minus Garfield - Sublime at it's most sublimiest

Time to go then, but watch this first. It’s another gem from Cassette Boy.

My Week On The Internet – 29/08/10


Yikes! That week shot by fast. That’s probably because the earth is spinning faster and faster thanks to the Large Hadron Collider, one day the earth will spin so fast we’ll all come flying off and shoot into space. No, wait. It’s because I last did this only 6 days ago rather than a week (at the time of writing this), my mistake, panic over everyone. So anyway, here is what has been my internet candy for the last seven days but before we do anything….

… have you seen Cee-Lo’s ‘Fuck You’ song yet? No? Go look then.

Seen it? Good, let’s move on.

Shuffler.fm - It's gurt lush.

If you like sniffing out for new music online then Shuffler.fm is a free service that may be of use to you. From it’s simple to use homescreen you can pick a music genre and Shuffler.fm will randomly bounce around numerous blogs streaming a random track in that genre for you. It’s good stuff indeed, worth a look.

The soon to be closed Eastenders retirement home.

The Bill is leaving our screens forever, who knows where our ex-Eastenders will go now? Maybe some work in a Crimewatch reconstruction, or playing a dead body in Holby, anything as long as it isn’t Hollyoaks. I can’t remember the last time I saw The Bill but that doesn’t stop this article from Daniel Maier being a hilarious read.

…Bid farewell to one of telly’s great supporting-artist gigs. The duty solicitor was always the most entertaining player in the doubles match that was The Bill‘s suspect interview. On one side, two exasperated detectives. Facing them, the suspect, all gold teeth and contempt. And next to him someone in a suit, silently gurning their face off. Ironically, the accused would be the one repeatedly saying “no comment”, when the poor extra playing the solicitor was the only one in the room contractually obliged not to speak.

You can find the whole article here.

Adam & Joe on 6Music, the iPlayer, Doctor Who and Sherlock are just some of the many reason’s why I love the BBC. Having children also means that I get to legitimately watch the cool stuff they have on CBeebies like Charlie and Lola. This week the ‘very much worth following’  Twitterite @Scriblit created a wonderful mashup of ‘Sherlock’ and ‘Charlie & Lola’, the results are so good they make the original shows seem practically symbiotic.

A list of links to the series of these brilliant pictures can be found here or if you’re on Twitter via the hashtag #eversocleverish.

Speaking of which, Twitter has been golden this week. I love it when people on Twitter are reacting to a real life event, recent events in the news has supplied some comedy gold in the form of a couple of new Twitter accounts in the form of @CatBinLady and @Chilean_Miner. On the subject of great Twitter accounts, Heckler Spray have put together a list of ‘The Most Insane Celebrities on Twitter‘. There are some solid cases on there, Kanye West, William Shatner, it’s all good stuff. Originally missing from the list (but now included possibly thanks to my tip-off) is the batshit insane rapper 50 Cent. Batshit insane? How so? I’ll show you…..

Holy shit! I still can’t believe it myself. Fiddy is chock full of choice tweets, I can’t help but repeatedly re-tweet his posts. Whether it’s the recession, expression of the inner soul or simply pointing out the frustrations of good spelling, Fiddy has all the bases covered in his own unique way.

Oh Fiddy, you daft rascal you. Keep it up old chap.

And that’s the best bit’s of the last seven days of my internet wanderings.  Just one last thing, and it’s vaguely nerdy I’m afraid. Between having a family and two jobs, maintaining my website and padding out this blog with mundane brain dumps I also like to do a bit of video gaming. The big Xbox 360 game out in the next few weeks is Halo : Reach and amongst all the fanboy baiting hype this trailer has emerged that very much tickled me. I like that it sounds vaguely like Joe Cornish singing the vocals.

Right, I’m off. See you next time…..

Fucks sake Fiddy, you crazy motherfucker you.

My Week On The Internet – 23/08/10


Well a howdy-hey to you, thanks for swinging your eyes this way. Here’s what I have been enjoying on teh internets over the last seven days.

First up, something that’s been doing the rounds this week, the worst hidden middle finger in the history of telly.

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