The Best Thing About Spotify….


… is how it combines these two album covers in my list of music.


Spotify has an amazing new feature


Spotify : “Hey Paul. Thanks to our great new feature we can now keep you updated on your listening habits. Wu-oh! Looks like you haven’t listened to these songs in a while”


Me : “Wow that’s brilliant. I can’t even begin to imagine when I would’ve last listened to those songs. Oh wait maybe it was THE LAST TIME IT WAS CHRISTMAS!”.

Music Makes My Brain Go Broke


Music can be a powerful thing. It can move us, it can make us think, it can make us feel elated or make us cry. It’s beautiful stuff.

But sometimes, it’s like stripping off and throwing yourself onto a barbed wired sofa.

Ladies & Gentlemen, Rebecca Black.

A song so awful you have to hear it more than once. There’s so much going on here that pushes the ‘so bad it’s almost good’ button. There’s the lack of basic rhyming, the way she sings “Fry-day”, the phrase “we we we so excited”, lyrics that basically run through the days of the week, 12 year olds driving a car and don’t forget the obligatory rap in the middle (by what looks like a bloke that ate Usher).

It’s become a Youtube sensation, probably not in the way Rebecca hoped but still, if she plays her cards right, she’s sure to do well out of it.

However, here’s where things get a bit screwy in the logic centre of my brain-box. This has also popped up on Youtube, it’s the same song, the same non-existent rhymes…

… and I think I genuinely love it. This scares me. Either I have a yet untapped appreciation for Bob Dylan (or maybe just fake ones) or ‘Friday’ truly is a powerful beautiful song.

Either way, it definitely makes me want to cry.

A Fictional Conversation Between Kanye West & Will.I.Am


Have you seen this man?

Who’s up for a short story? Well pull up a chair why don’t you and we’ll begin….

It’s a sunny day in Los Angeles. Inside a plush mansion a phone rings, its ringing tones echo throughout the cavernous empty rooms. Tired of the repetetive droning sound, Will.I.AM of The Black Eyed Peas gets up from his monsterously huge DFS sofa and strides over to the phone to answer the call.

“S’up Will.I.Am. It is I, The Kanye West”

“Oh hey Kanye, how’s things”

“Yeah good, my new album just came out y’all”

“Yeah I saw, it’s looking good”

“Hey thanks, it was hard work y’know. All that introspective searching to explore the ideas behind fame, its pitfalls as well as the power that comes with it. I’ve done some stupid shit in the last year so I had to question the perception of the individual versus the image presented by the press whilst thinking about mortality and the legacy we leave behind. We threw everything into making this album, guest rappers, Bon Iver, string sections, choirs, Chris Rock, we went old school in places y’know, put some fucking proper hip-hop breaks back into it. It doesn’t matter what the critics or public say about it, I pretty much put my heart and soul into this album and as a recording artist that’s as much as I can do. So anyway, that’s enough about me, what have you been up to lately?”

“Well my new single just came out. It’s an electro-pop cover version of ‘Time Of My Life’, y’know… that song by Bill Medley and Jennifer Warnes”

“HAHAHA, nice one Will.I.AM. Kanye West finds that very funny. No really, what’ve you been up to”

“No really, I’ve umm, I’ve really gone and done a cover version of that song from Dirty Dancing”

“Oh, ….. well hey, er, that sounds great but erm. I, I gotta go. Something’s just err, come up, erm,… byeee” *click*

Will.I.Am looks at the phone and slowly places it back on the reciever, he stares down at his feet.

It starts to rain outside.


Have you heard the new Black Eyed Peas song? Fuck me it’s a lazy piece of music. It’s ideal for the oncoming onslaught of office Christmas parties but beyond that it’s a pretty dire piece of work. I find it funny that two artists at the height of commercial hip-hop (loosely speaking when it comes to Will.I.Am) can produce two wildly different pieces of work in terms of invention. Love or hate Kanye you can at least recognise the fact that he’s not afraid to work outside his comfort zone (as heard on 808’s and Heartbrakes) or push himself to his creative limits like he does on his new album. While B.E.P. are happy to lazily toss out an 80’s cover of a song which I must admit I pretty much hated in the first place.

The thing is there was a time when The Black Eyed Peas were a respectable hip-hop group sounding much like The Pharcyde or Jurassic 5. I saw them at a gig back in 2001 where I had a great time watching the three of ’em (no Fergie back then) tear the stage up despite not knowing a single song they performed. What the hell happened?

Bloody Fergie, that’s what.

If you havn’t heard the new B.E.P. song you can go damage your brain by listening to it over at the excellent Discopop blog (whose blog post reminded me to finish writing this one, also thanks to MrsDiscopop for the ‘soundwaves’ quote).

A Musical Three Course Meal : Part 3 – The Dessert


Are you a dickhead? It’s a well-known statistic* that 1 in 5 people are dickheads. You or someone close to you is a dickhead, it could even be your dog (but not your cat, cat’s cannot be dickheads as they are already twats).
Not to worry though as, according to this video, being a dickhead is cool….. at least I think that’s the point.

…and thus concludes this horrendous music/meal themed series of posts. Now, let’s all go home and never speak of this again.

*I just made this up

A Musical Three Course Meal : Part 2 – The Main Course


What was I thinking? This is possibly the most laziest, most pointless theme for a series of blog posts that I could have come up with. A Musical Three Course Meal?! Well, we’re stuck with it now so lets see it through to the bitter end shall we?

The main course of our Musical Three Course Meal (I just died a little inside), comes courtesy of the Manic Street Preachers. They’ve just released a new album and it’s very much feels like a follow on from 1996’s ‘Everything Must Go’. The lead single ‘(It’s not War) Just The End Of Love’ is a rousing radio friendly piece of geetar moozik that not only evokes comparisons of ‘Tonight Tonight’ by the Smashing Pumpkings but also comes complete with a superb ‘one take’ music video. Annoyingly I can’t embed the video here so you’ll have to pop over to Youtube to see it.

I particularly like the band appearance halfway through, especially James Dean Bradfield’s lovely bit of subtle lip sync.

The best news though is that until Sunday 26th Sept their new album ‘Postcards From A Young Man’ is only £3.99 on (in MP3 form).


A Musical Three Course Meal : Part 1 – Appetizers & H’orderves


I’ve come across a few internet based musical nuggets in the last week or so and I figured I’d share them in the style of a three course menu. It’s like ‘Come Dine With Me’, but with music and without Dave Lamb’s chucklesome narration. So, first course then….

Appetizers & H’orderves – Trent Reznor’s ‘The Social Network’ Score Sampler

Lately I’ve found myself listening to movie scores on a more frequent basis (more frequent being from ‘never’ to ‘a bit’). It started with the soundtrack to ‘Moon’, a great film with a wonderful atmospheric soundtrack by Clint Mansell, if you’ve got Spotify you can listen to it here. More recently the soundtrack to Inception has been drifting around my brainbox as well as the soundtrack to Danny Boyle’s movie ‘Sunshine’. From the looks of things the soundtrack to David Fincher’s new film ‘The Social Network’ will be a future regular listen.

‘The Social Network’ tells the story of the creation of Facebook and the nuclear fallout that ensued between it’s creators. Buzz around the film has exploded in the last week with a flurry of positive reviews, my interest has been fully caught by this review which bold-as-brass states “The Social Network is Fincher’s best film since Fight Club”. Yikes! A must see then, have a look at the trailer.

Trent Reznor (of Nine Inch Nails) is the man behind the score and last week he released a free 5 track sampler. It’s a great piece of muzak, kind of electronic, kind of rock-ish, it all works. You can grab it here, all you need is an email address and I’m pretty sure you’ve got one of those. Hooray for free stuff!

So get stuck into that, the main course is coming up next.