Things that look like other things


Whilst on a jaunt to Toys R Us (it’s a magical place, we’re on our way there etc.) I had a couple of doppleganger moments.

First up, Toys R Us are now selling giraffes that look like David Tenant.


No? Just me then I guess.

There was also this, some science-y toy thing featuring a young Michael McIntyre.


And that’s yer lot. Things that look like other things, it’s what the internet was made for. That, and porn.


The Art Of Distraction


It’s been a while since I’ve written a blog post and I was going to break that streak with a nice ranty review on why I thought Pirates of the Caribbean 4 was a load of old bobbins. Instead I found myself trying out a free download of Monopoly for the iPad before becoming completely embroiled in the task of showing said iPad that it was my little Monopoly bitch.
It was worth it, I totally owned that game. It almost made up for years and years of never ever winning games of monopoly. Still, at the end of it I had wasted a chunk of time I could’ve spent being far more productive.
I guess the iPad had won after all. Curse you iPad!

Cat Racism


I don’t like cats, I think they are rubbish. They are lazy at being pets, they feck off all day long and only return when they want some food or have a dead bird for you to look after. Being all aloof like they own the place. Stupid twat cats, I say stick ’em in a rocket and shoot them into the sun.

But hang on, who’s this little fella? Awww lookit… he’s in a little tub. He’s got a little flannel on his head, he’s such a little cutesy poo. Especially watch the final 30 seconds just to see his eyes go all huge. He could almost cleanse me of my inherent racism against cats. Almost.

Thanks to the always ‘worth-a-follow’ Twitter user @TheFagCasanova for pointing me in the direction of this clip.


When Movie Plots Become Real Life


Part 1 : ‘Dave’

Have you seen the film Dave? Oh it’s great, it’s got Kevin Kline, it’s got Charles Grodin and it’s got a bit where someone (Dave) falls off the back of a chair. If you haven’t seen it, it’s a knockabout comedy where the President of the USA is taken ill and a lookalike is bought in to ‘fill in’ for a bit. It’s a good job there is so much comedy in that movie because when you strip away the frivolity and people falling off the back of chairs the underlying concept is truly terrifying. Continue reading

Chegwin, lose or draw.


Someone check his pockets... he's stuffed them with jokes.

(sigh!) I really didn’t want to start a new blog with this but I’ve got to get it out of my system so I apologise….

Anyone who follows me on Twitter will have noticed a heavy ‘Cheggers’ slant to my most recent tweets. Partly because it’s a swiss army knife of Twitter topics (you can fit Cheggers-gate into all kinds of tweets) but partly because it irks me as a user of Twitter.

In a nutshell, Cheggers is tweeting other people’s jokes and comedians are up in arms that he is merrily sharing their material with no credit or care about what he’s doing. He’s also blocking those who take up issue with him. I have also been blocked, maybe he didn’t like my joke.

BREAKING NEWS : A box full of old gags is stolen from S&M shop. Keith Chegwin is prime suspect.Wed Jul 21 10:06:10 via Touiteur

Unlike most people it’s not the joke stealing that annoys me, what bugs me most is the fact is that it’s just a lazy arsed use of Twitter. There are countless people, day in day out who take the effort to create and tweet funny, original material, even I try and add a humorous comment when I can. ┬áIt’s a slap in the face to everyone to see Cheggers rock-up on Twitter, fire off a bunch of other people’s jokes and add an extra 2000 followers to his total. This is the online equivalent of that bloke in the office who heard a funny joke on the telly last night and is now trying to pass it off as his own joke to his work colleagues.

So anyway, now I had a chance to rant about it (hey! Blogs are fun!) I can leave you with this open letter from