The Best Thing About Spotify….


… is how it combines these two album covers in my list of music.


A Musical Three Course Meal : Part 2 – The Main Course


What was I thinking? This is possibly the most laziest, most pointless theme for a series of blog posts that I could have come up with. A Musical Three Course Meal?! Well, we’re stuck with it now so lets see it through to the bitter end shall we?

The main course of our Musical Three Course Meal (I just died a little inside), comes courtesy of the Manic Street Preachers. They’ve just released a new album and it’s very much feels like a follow on from 1996’s ‘Everything Must Go’. The lead single ‘(It’s not War) Just The End Of Love’ is a rousing radio friendly piece of geetar moozik that not only evokes comparisons of ‘Tonight Tonight’ by the Smashing Pumpkings but also comes complete with a superb ‘one take’ music video. Annoyingly I can’t embed the video here so you’ll have to pop over to Youtube to see it.

I particularly like the band appearance halfway through, especially James Dean Bradfield’s lovely bit of subtle lip sync.

The best news though is that until Sunday 26th Sept their new album ‘Postcards From A Young Man’ is only £3.99 on (in MP3 form).